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pudding3 months

In need of a super high calorie pudding. Like cheesecake or brownies something like that but I need a normal portion to be super high calorie not just the whole thing.

pudding2 weeks

I posted my cheesecake pudding recipe awhile ago. It's as simple as mixing a block of softened cream cheese into a regular box of pudding mix. Use a mixer, don't try to do it by hand. Whip it longer to incorporate more air for a lighter texture. I reduce the milk from 2 cups to 1.5, but I like it to be thick like regular cheesecake. Pistachio is my favorite. You could probably use whipping cream instead of milk for extra calories but I've never tried that. I imagine it would be super sinful and delicious though smiley

pudding5 days

I want some of that pudding!

pudding5 days

Interesting recipe, but what if i don't have a pudding mix?Any suggestions? Because recently i've bought a multicooker like this one here so from that time I prefer cooking everything myself))