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idea for a gain weight story2 years

Its just, if some one want/need some idea to write for.
My main idea was, a beauty contest, maybe called something like " total beauty, or complete beauty".
The subject is of a contest where all the participants (i was thinkin on a bbw story but it can be bhm sure) will be models(amateurs or not). And they must to start the contest with a low weight.
The goal of the contest is to see wich model its able to be the "most beautiful" in a gaining weight process. Since the begining to the end ( beautifull at all the weights)
They must to gain "x" weight by week,or moth i dont now, and between the judges and public votes ,found who is able or who is the most beautifull model at all kind of weights.
Well, you can see i cant write a great english and i have seen plenty of talented people in writing art here and thats why i think they coud be a better job than me.
Well thank you ! And even you dont want to take the idea for writing, it woud be great if you let your opinion here!!

idea for a gain weight story2 years

I like the idea but would be thrilled to see something were the girls who accidentally put on a few lbs get high scores and praise. Which would more naturally lead to a scenario where all the models are fighting to be plump and voluptuous.

idea for a gain weight story2 years

Eey, yes thats a great idea! smiley thank u for the answer!

idea for a gain weight story2 years

I have been thinking about writing a story in a similar vein. It would be based on the American/CBS show "Survivor". The twist would be there would be eating challenges, plentiful food around the camps, the cast would be all female. I would start by having the producers recruit only women/girls who have recently lost a considerable amount of weight, so gaining, for the cast would be quick, only the contestant who gained the most would win.

idea for a gain weight story1 year

I think we should combine this two ideas smiley)

idea for a gain weight story8 months

I think we should combine this two ideas smiley)

Ditto, combine them. That's enough content to keep a story enthralling indefinitely. GL