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how does it feel to be obese?5 months

This is just a currious question from an aspiring male wanting to become obese, what is ir like for you guys and/or girls to be 250 pounds or heavier? how does it feel? and do you have many (if any) health complication due to your massive size? I'd imagine you all love the feeling! I mean, none of you would be here if you didn't!

how does it feel to be obese?5 months

I am about 320-325 and being this big is fun for me
Every step I take everything jiggles
I personally don't have any health issues
But I do get short of breath when I'm walking and talking at the same time.
I like looking down when I'm driving and seeing my giant belly almost touching the steering wheel and sometimes after a meal it actually touching the wheel.
I like having something to jiggle and play with and squish and squeeze while I'm laying in bed.

how does it feel to be obese?5 months

Sounds amazing! it's reassuring to hear that even at that size you don't have health issues, i mean we're all different so i know i might still develop some health issiues, but there is only one way to find that out hehe! i'll have to double down on all that junk food! I'd love to have a big belly to play with, sounds quite nice! smiley

how does it feel to be obese?5 months

It's a really interesting journey getting fatter. I was in the 270s weight range for most of my adult life until I decided to gain, now I've just hit 375 today. Here's a few of the changes that I noticed with my body as my weight went up [also for reference, I'm 5' 9"]:

*300: No noticeable difference from the 270s honestly.
*315-320: This is when I first started to feel legitimately fat. My belly got quite a bit bigger and heavier, and I started to feel a little slower moving than I was before.
*340: Belly and hips got even bigger. Getting up from any sort of sitting or prone position started to become a bit of a struggle. Started bumping into objects a lot more as my mind had yet to adjust to my larger body.
*350: This is the point where I can say I definitively started to feel capital F fat. All of the previous effects got amplified, and trying to reach my feet to put on socks or shoes has begun to be a comical struggle.
*375: I feel kind of silly that I felt so fat at 350, because 375 is even worse in that regard. All the previous effects are even more amplified. I feel very heavy and slow and am always very aware of my size because I no longer fit in "normal" spaces (for example, my belly now rests against the steering wheel in my car). I also get winded very easily now, and can no longer reach certain areas of my body.

It's a pretty surreal experience for me to be so big. I can still remember how much easier it used to be to move and bend, and being so slow and unwieldy is a constant reminder of how much bigger I've gotten over the past year.

how does it feel to be obese?5 months

I'm 280, but I'm also 6'5" so I'm probably "thinner" than you're thinking. I don't really feel that different other than comfortable in my own skin, although my tolerance for heat is even worse than before (and that really sucks, living in Florida). And no, I don't have any health problems.

how does it feel to be obese?5 months

I would agree with ThirteentailsGetsFat's experience. Somehow life goes on in a fairly similar way even if you are morbidly obese. The real changes started when I hit 320 pounds and became greater the more weight I put on after that. I can honestly say that being super obese affects just about everything. It prescribes what I can do physically. Nearly everything is an effort: washing, dressing, getting about, how I am viewed by the world, what positions are comfortable when I sit or lie down. There are limits to how far I can walk. How many steps I can climb. What seat I can fit into. What clothes are available.. There are health issues that go with it too. It is unavaoidable: skin infections, sweating, joint pains, sleep apnea and high blood sugar so type 2 diabetes is a prospect.

how does it feel to be obese?3 months

This is just a currious question from an aspiring male wanting to become obese, what is ir like for you guys and/or girls to be 250 pounds or heavier? how does it feel? and do you have many (if any) health complication due to your massive size? I'd imagine you all love the feeling! I mean, none of you would be here if you didn't!
Having been slim (170lbs) and now obese (290lbs),I think I can answer this.
Pick up a 1lb bag of say sugar.Feel it in your hand.Now imagine 120 of those filled into a fat suit and the fat suit fitted to you.
But,it's not that dramatic, as weight goes con over a period of time,so your body adjusts.It's like being in a bath and slowly adding more hot water as opposed to the shock of plunging into a very hot bath.
How it feels when you get there is exhausting.You can't walk anything like as fast as a non obese person or as far.Imagine not being able to run,only walking like half a mile slowly and then having to stop and sit to rest,back aching,panting for air and sweating even in cool weather.Imagine not being able to reach down to put socks on/cut toenails.Imagine everything being hard work and taking longer.
Not everyone is affected the same,but we all have those vthings to some extent.
As for health problems,I have high blood pressure,cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.Doesn't affect how I feel day to day.But imagine a life where you have to go to the doctor regularly and take medication daily for the rest of your life.With illnesses,not everyone gets all of them (I have no joint pain or sleep appear...yet at least) and some clearly have more of an effect on everyday life than others.
I hope that gives you an idea.Be prepared for A LOT of sweating!lol

how does it feel to be obese?2 months

I gained slowly from like 180 to 270 lbs for like 10 years or something, and then something busted in my metabolism like 3 years ago and I suddenly shot up to 300 or 320 lbs (I fluctuate) in like a few months lol. I have a very sedentary job, and I find I rapidly gain weight now if I don't avoid carbs like a plague.

I would say, at 320 lbs, getting out of a chair or couch is harder than it used to be, but not like a major ordeal. I can walk long distances without a problem. I took like a 2 hour stroll around the city this weekend. Running sucks, though.

Uh, that said I've been reconnecting with a feeder I dated a few years ago, and she's really into the fact that I finished my degree in a field that would let me work from home if became too fat, and she's confident I'll probably start to feel the effects before I hit 400, as somebody who has weighed that much herself. So I guess maybe I'll make another report on the topic after I start gaining again.

how does it feel to be obese?2 months

For me it is wonderful with a few little problems, many of which, if I'm honest, excite me.
My belly is huge and heavy and gets in the way of everything. My cat, Toodles, likes to rub my legs and wants me to pet him. There is no way I can do this. I get out of breath from the reduced room for my lungs if I even try. There is also no way I can reach him.
I have trouble getting into cars. Big butts don't just slide into car seats. I've needed a seatbelt extender for years. Getting out of a low car is very hard.
I easily overheat and have to rest.
Lots of little things get more difficult the heavier I get.
Another thing is that I get very hungry I don't skip meals or I don't feel well.
On the whole I do love being heavy.
Hope this helps

how does it feel to be obese?2 months

I am male, 5'6" and 330 pounds, still gaining.

I will try and compare this to what is was like being athletic, but my memory has faded, so please excuae any mistakes.

One of the most prominant feature of being so fat is the mobility. I find it very hard to walk long distances and actively try to remove movement from my schedule, if not to gain, but for comfort. This thus makes me fatter and less physically able, which feeds the problem. A while ago. I also started to waddle. Like, actually waddle. For anyone starting out its an amazing feat, it reay feels odd for me. And trust me, your lack of strength will suprise you.

Another problem is from my size, specifically my moobs and rolls. I find that where any rolls come over the skin, I get sweat and then rashes. In the summer I use ice to regulate my tempreature and often use baby powder to stop chaffing. Also, sweaty moobs and shirts dont mix.

A third problem, or to put it better, change, is the sheer amount of food I consume. Maybe when I started out I actively tried to put away 3000+ calories in a day, but now it seems beyond essential. The artficial "habits" I made for myself like consuming chocolate is now as addictive as any drug. Its honestly scary how much I have lost control.

A final change, and possibly the most important is the social changes. Now I gained ridiculously quickly, which was something my friends noticed. They asked me if anything was wrong, but after a whe they got used to my gaining. One of the more interesting changes was with strangers. As a huge person by anyones standards, I certainly take up more space on public transport than others, but I feel that people left more space than I needed, as if to avoid me. People didnt really see me as human, but as more of an animal. I feel this just goes to show societies pregiduces towards obese people.