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how many times have you been told to lose weight?2 weeks

My wife's last doctor's visit was more awkward for him than her!

Her heart health and cardio was perfect, but she's also so huge even her chin and cheeks bounce when she walks. So he struggled to try and find reasons to convince her to lose weight.
"Your belly must be so uncomfortably heavy..."
HER: "Not really, I don't even notice it.
"Have you had trouble sleeping?"
HER: "My body's gotten so soft, I sleep better than ever."
"You should go on a diet anyway, just in case."
HER: "Okay, I'll think about it."
[translation: "Are we done now? I want my husband to buy me some ice cream."]

She said it didn't bother her, because she probably was the fattest person he'd ever seen waddle through his door, and he just reasonably assumed she wanted encouragement to slim down.

how many times have you been told to lose weight?2 weeks

And when we started dating, her mother, kind but a little old-fashioned, would lecture me in front of her so she could hear:

"I know you're happy, but as the man it's your job to put my daughter on a diet and make her lose some of that weight."

"I know my cooking is good, but haven't you eaten too much already?"

But then she kept getting fatter, and her mother stopped fretting about her size.
I think she realizes she's happier like this, and has come to accept she just has a really fat daughter.

Her mom has a hidden side to her that's really surprising, and based on our last family gathering I suspect she's actually really starting to enjoy watching her daughter gain weight. Hmm...

how many times have you been told to lose weight?2 days

Every time I go home or go to the doctor.
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