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creatine monohydrate4 months

I found this completely by accident. Creatine is a diet supplement used in athletics, but it doesn't naturally go down that well, so they say to mix it in with warm water to dissolve it and to drink plenty of water or else it ends up acting up.

I was a little dehydrated last night when I had it, and didn't mix it that well. Anyway about ten minutes later my shirt didn't fit.

The stomach ache was unpleasant, but not enough to be a problem! I don't know if I'll continue experimenting with it, but I thought you guys would be interested!

creatine monohydrate4 months

Sounds Interesting,

creatine monohydrate3 weeks

What do you mean your shirt didn't fit. How big did you get and how much did you use?

creatine monohydrate1 week

Oh shoot I don't have a gauge for shirt fitting-ness. It was a normally fitting shirt, maybe a little bit on the small side, but after the fact I could feel the breeze hitting the underside of my stomach. I'm not a seasoned bloater but it was the biggest I'd ever been.

That time was one teaspoon, in about 10 oz of room temperature water. Basically since then I've been carefully to mix it enough that I can't see any of it floating around in the water. I'm careful with it though cuz it's not that good for you to have too much at once. It was a fun night though!