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farting1 year

Are there any women who enjoy farting a lot during or after a stuffing? I feel like this is primarily a male oriented fetish, as such a function is something few women are comfortable being open about and even fewer sexualize it in any way aside from those who make a living as fetish models, but I often wonder.

farting9 months

I can't say that I enjoy it, no. What about farting is sexual or pleasant? To me its just loud, stinky and gross.

Different strokes. A lot of people say that about fat people. They aren't into us but we get it. Same with the farting fetish. Or any fetish, in my experience.

From my POV it's a taboo since most women aren't into admitting it or associating themselves with it much less being aroused by it.

farting4 months

I like to fart in fronto f my master smiley