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coming out to so3 months

I'm not sure what I expect by posting this, but I figure that FF is a better place than any to look for help.
A couple months ago an old girlfriend moved back close to where I live. We had dated for 3 years before, and only broke up because long distance wasn't working. Since she's returned we've been back together and were just as happy as ever.
(It's worth noting that over the first year or so of that 3 year relationship she gained about 15-20 pounds of relationship weight, which she still has on her. Also, in the time since we broke up I discovered FF, came to terms w my fetishes, and gained about 40 pounds)

Now about a week and a half ago, and seeing that our relationship felt better than ever, I decided to open up to her that I liked big girls, girls gaining weight, and gaining weight myself. Importantly, I in no way at all asked or insinuated that I wanted her to gain weight, or that I planned on gaining weight.
She immediately changed the subject and hasn't brought it up since (11 days now). Since then she has put herself on a diet and started working out more. Also, to be blunt, the sex has crashed to zero.

Just wondering if anyone else has had any experiences similar to this, or any advice?

Thanks so much for reading if you've made it this far!

mhm i have no experience relationships concerning but my feeling says that a kind of countereaction like a little child like you told it.....
i would say she somehow likes this gaining eating more but but to prove you wrong she does the opposite cause shw feel society says somerhing else.
I don t know the character of your gf but you should somehow talk to her about her feelings ...make her drunk if necessary to get to the bottom of that abrupt reaction and to find out about her real feelings....

For some reason I think this is the most plausible outcome. sincerely good luck. just be honest.

coming out to so3 months

Don't mean to bump the thread, but I just wanted to thank everyone who responded!
Per your advice we did sit down and chat. She's super against gaining (not that I asked her to) and my admission unintentionally snapped her into the realization that she wants to get super fit and thin...
But I'm not giving up on the relationship yet and, as she pointed out, I've gained a bunch of weight which she hasn't complained about.
So at least one of us will probably end up fat ;P

coming out to so3 months

Imperator Greyface:
here is what you do: clear your evening schedule, ask her to sit and have a conversation, (remember, people who have not embraced this fetish don't like the thought of being fat) then you incapacitate her, and eat her flesh so that you might gain her weight and power, then find a girl who isn't a bitch.


I know that you're making a joke here - while I don't think she's being a bitch for distancing herself if she's not into FA, the visual image of consuming your estranged gf to gain her weight and power struck me funny. Very George R R Martin, man...
Thanks for letting me know that George R. R. M.artin writes about sick shit so I won't waste money on his books!

coming out to so3 months

Leave her today, tell her, "It's not me, it's you," I made the mistake of being with a guy who wouldn't have sex with me, and trust me, you want to end this now.

coming out to so3 months

Imperator Greyface:
i love how i implied cannibalism and murder to be the correct choice, and you're offended because i called her a bitch.
I love how your user name suggests that you may have a kitty cat! I used to say I would never have a cat, but now that I've been taking care of my brother's cat for a week or so, I want 17.
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