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force feeding11 months

Biggest kink is to be tied down with a nasogastric tube in me pumping me up with fluids till im waaaay past full

force feeding11 months

I want the same but a girl stuffing me and others that were stuffed on top of round huge body or in the middle of the mall and others would role me around until some lady fits me into something I can were and roles me to a sweet making factory were there are other s being feed with cake that when you look at you gain and then put into a Back room and forced to stick a tube in the mothe or but as I just get bigger and bigger. And the nexted day roles out to the mall to do it over again

force feeding11 months

My boyfriend force feeds me all the time he ties me to the bed and sits on my belly feeding me until I'm so weak from food I can't struggle anymore smiley

force feeding10 months

I'll admit, while I am more of a feeder, I am curious on the other side of the coin(I.e, the feedee side), and would love to one day give it a shot at least once.

But what the heck is a nasogastric tube?