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stuffers in chicago?2 weeks


I'm Anna, stuffing is great,
I don't do it all the time but it's nice to just let it happen whenever the time feels right...

It's really difficult to find stuffers anywhere, and it's not that it totally defines my fetish, but I just find a full/round belly super cute and wonderful and just... omg...
Anyway. Feel free to respond.

stuffers in chicago?2 weeks

I'd be down. :3

stuffers in chicago?3 days

Anna, you are who every single (and perhaps not so single) hetero male who frequents this site is looking for. You are sweet perfection. And you're lucky, Chicago is a big city with a whole lot of food lurking around just about every corner, making running out of something to eat impossible. So when the urge strikes, you can always hit up a buffet, a grocery store, or anyone like-minded you've met fortunate enough to get the opportunity to assist you stuff your hungry growing belly into oblivion.