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fit to fat transformation3 months

Did anyone here start his journey as a thin, and become fat? If so, how it was, how did you manage to balloon up and what advices can you share for a thin person who is trying very hard to gain weight?

fit to fat transformation3 months

Start playing with feeders, they make over eating such a sensual, addictive experience.
well, i assumed so, but this is very general advice, thanx for the answer, though.

fit to fat transformation3 months

Did anyone here start his journey as a thin, and become fat? If so, how it was, how did you manage to balloon up and what advices can you share for a thin person who is trying very hard to gain weight?

You've made the right decision to visit this site. In addition to the encouragement and celebration of weight gain, you're going to find an amazing array of recipes, stories, and advice that will put you on course from fit to fat.

It's going to take some time, though - even with 24-hour dedication to the cause, you're going to be fighting your own metabolism. I'd recommend trying the following:

1. EAT. It sounds silly, but you need to add calories. Get your stomach accustomed to being full by frequently eating large amounts of filling foods, but also don't forget to enjoy it. I've read many a post on here that describes the journey as being better than the destination. Binge on some foods that you crave and look forward to eating!

2. Vary your diet. Remember to mix in fats, carbs, and protein, and don't rely solely on fast food and dessert for your gains. Your endocrine system will thank you, and your overall health will be better. By the way - American Italian food is great for this kind of approach.

3. Find ways to slow your metabolism that work best for you. Examples include getting less sleep (being tired sucks, though), intermittent dieting/binging, drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking/ingesting pot.

4. Get a gaining partner! Whether this is a spouse/partner/friend who enjoys helping you pile on the pounds, or recruiting some encouragers here on FF - their excitement for you and your expanding waistline will motivate you and keep you focused on getting fatter.

Good luck - you'll win a bunch of fans on here if you detail and document your journey!

fit to fat transformation3 months

Im a pretty fit....well was a pretty fit hockey player but I've been eating large amounts of food at night and snacking all day and im getting a little bit more of a pudgy belly everyday and part of me wants to lose it but the other part of me is turned on like when I see a nice thick chubby girl. Should I continue gaining or?

fit to fat transformation2 months

I started thin and fit and am now obese and out of shape. I am 6'1" and went from 170 to 250 in two rapid bursts. I used to be starving all the time so I just let go and ate all I wanted at first and put on 40 lbs. Then I gained another 40 lbs in a few months on purpose by eating all day and stuffing constantly... burritos, burgers, shakes, cookies, ice cream (lots), pizza...

fit to fat transformation2 months

In September 2015 I ran a half marathon in 2 hours. May 2017 I am 305 lbs and have a huge sagging belly. Just stopped training and ate nice tastey food. Now just walking makes me pant a little

I would say this takes the Cake in this thread...(Pun intended).

fit to fat transformation2 months

There was a time almost 25 years ago when I dieted and exercised myself down to 137 lbs from about 160, and down to a 31-32" waist. I'm 5' 5".

I started lifting weights and got beefier. I stopped serious lifting a few years ago due to some (non-gym) injuries, and getting tired of watching my diet and pushing.

So now I'm at 223, hoping to get to about 250, 265, or even 280 and a 44-46" waist. The idea of getting really fat and taking myself to where I've never been before is exciting.

fit to fat transformation2 months

Like I said in another thread, I've been thin most of my life. Late 2014 I started anti-anxiety medication, which demolished my metabolism. At the time I was around 160, now I'm hovering between 235 and 240.

Considering I was able to go up that much in such a relatively short time without even trying, I'm really excited to see how high I can go now that I've started to purposely gain! smiley

fit to fat transformation2 months

I started out at 130lbs, and I'm now at 165. I'm pretty active, but I just stopped denying myself delicious food. So instead of having a big salad for dinner, now I have a salad with a burger and a couple scoops of ice cream for dessert. When I want seconds, I have them. I feel so much better and sorry if this is TMI, but my partner and I have WAY more fun in the bedroom now. I think my situation is one of a woman finding an ideal weight for her body. mine just happens to come with a nice round belly.

fit to fat transformation2 months

I have a hook-up who, when we get together from time to time, stuffs me. Again, good, nutritious food and bev. Not just cakes and sweets.

Such an important point! While I am also a big fan of cakes and sweets, if you want to gain and avoid some negative consequences, this is really important.

Like your point about sumo wrestlers, you don't need to eat junk to get fatter, you just need to eat MORE! smiley

(The occasional cake won't kill you, though... I have field-tested this.) smiley