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the "bugmenot" situation5 days

For those of you who don't know or are not aware, I thought I should inform you briefly about some accounts on the bugmenot website.

It is me who is responsible for a lot of them, I won't hand out my real name so you can "check me out" on facebook, you can earn that privilidge if you get to know me however It is me who made the majority (about 6) shared accounts and it is me who is responsible for most of the more recent usernames that appear there (stretching back about a year). Regrettably a lot of them were stolen by people who decided to change the passwords and now claim them as their own or used them for trolling the site so i've stopped making them, I don't want to be a part of the mess anymore so I took this account back for myself after realising what was going on. I realized I'm letting lazy people take my credit for the effort of setting up a new email each time and it is a thankless task.

I thought I would help do a good thing help people not have to login to use the site, i'm not sure many sites like what bugmenot enables, it may be a grey area? Let me know yourr thoughts in the comments

I guess this may come across an apology or confession but I think people will appreciate some honesty and I would like to use my sentiment here as a chance to not reccomend the service that bugmenot provides because people will take advantage of helping others. So if you other active users of that list (apart from me, weightyissue, original creator) then tell them they have me to thank for their accounts.

Never again, lol.