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4000 calories 1 week menu.6 months

HI there I'm going to attempt gaining weight for a week maybe more but I suck at counting calories so I will appreciate your help creating a 1 week menu with 4000 calories per day.

4000 calories 1 week menu.6 months

You should be able to get 4000 with no problem. You look pretty fit. When I used to be fit, I was consuming 3000 just to maintain. All you would need is a few extra donuts and a soda to push you over the edge! Good luck!

4000 calories 1 week menu.5 months

If you type in "4000 calorie bulking diet" on Youtube, you'll find lots of extremely helpful meal plans for the week. They even break it down sometimes so you know exactly what you need to buy, and they show how to prepare the meals as well.

Of course, it is often a lot easier and more palatable to go the fast food/processed snacks/sweets routesmiley