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virtual feeders vs feeders irl2 weeks

I love real life feeding and itís great to meet someone who shares this kink with you. Online feeding is fun, as is sharing fantasies but it can get frustrating as a key tenet to the kink is very tactile and physical.

Unfortunately for me Iíve only had one of encounters because often we shared little in common but feedism, but I would love to be in a long term relationship with a feeding element to it. I have this fantasy of celebrating anniversaries by seeing how much weight weíve put on over the year!

virtual feeders vs feeders irl2 weeks

Nothing can compare to having a feeder IRL. It's the intimacy. They're right there with you. They can push you back into your chair or bed and tell you you're not done eating yet. They can move in close and whisper directly into your ear about how fat you've been getting.

You can lose yourself in that.

virtual feeders vs feeders irl1 week

Yeah online feeding imo just doesn't compare to what irl is like. It kinda sucks that most prefer to be online about it but eh, what can you do.

virtual feeders vs feeders irl4 days

I'm presently in a real life relationship with a feeder. We are each other's first. I can't imagine an online relationship devoid of physical touch. Scales, tape measures, feeding, gaining, rubbing, squeezing and deep connected intimacy are no match for an online voyeur. I think we all have our needs, kinks and limits. I don't think there is a right, wrong or unobtainable. Find what you love and go find it.

virtual feeders vs feeders irl3 days

I've never had either, but the in person seems like the only way I'd be happy. I want to experience everything side by side, along with the obvious cuddling and uh more than cuddling lol.
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