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be huge and maintain mobility1 month

I am in a relationship with the fattest, most beautiful woman I have ever had and I love her very much. She said she weighs about 350 lbs, but based on comparisons with other women of a similar build, I would think its more like 450 - 500 lbs. She has never been a gainer, has just always been huge with a gigantic sexy belly.

She is always out of breath and can't walk very far without having to sit down. Part of me thinks this is extremely sexy and would love to see her become even more of a fat blob. But I also live a very active life in the outdoors, camping, boating, back packing. I want to make this woman my wife some day but I worry we won't be able to do the things I dream of together. I get that this fetish of mine is a bit at odds with my lifestyle. I would love for her to be even fatter, but I also want to show her the world.

Does anyone have tips on being huge and still relatively mobile?

be huge and maintain mobility1 month

Hi i know this sounds funny but she needs to excercise like swimming or walking and build up a slight amount of muscle will help dramatically with carrying all that weight

be huge and maintain mobility1 month

So you can foget getting her to backpack- at that kind of weight she can't have the endurances, and if she gets hurt, self or buddy rescue is going to be quite a challenge.

Boating and tent or RV camping will be fine, though she is going to have a harder time getting a good nights sleep- consider a cot mattress vs a pad, cot and sleeping bag. I keep one in Alaska for certain trips where I have to bring my own bedding.- though in really cold weather you still need a sleeping bag on top of it. If she can sleep on a cot the USGI are the heaviest available.

be huge and maintain mobility1 month

This is not realistic. At this weight, even just moving round normally is exhausting and painful, never mind anything that would increase muscle. I don't think it's possible to gain any more and still be particularly active, she's not particularly active now. You're also limiting yourself to what parts of the world you can show her to ones you can get to in your own vehicle because very fat people don't fit in aeroplanes and other public transport.

More importantly than any of that though, does she want to gain? Does she want to travel?

be huge and maintain mobility1 month

Sometimes in life we all are forced to make a choice. Some obese people are active but requires that they maintain their weight for the muscles, bones, back to adjust.
In some cases, it may not adjust.
If being active and traveling with your wife is most important, then you'll need to cut back in the hopes she will do same.
If your wife feels that you no longer feeding her, is a sign that she is too fat for you, that may have other complications.

be huge and maintain mobility2 weeks

If you love her, shouldn't her health and wellbeing be your primary concern??