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what is the heaviest man you have dated?2 months

Has anyone been in a relationship where you are both gaining?[/quote]

Yea....I have! I started doing all the grocery shopping in the house. I decided I was bummed my wife lost most of her weight with being her heaviest and decided to start buying her favorite ice cream, chocolates, cookies and all her favorites. She would thank me for getting her favorite treats and after a while she started to gain a little weight back. I would continue buying more and more of her favorites to satisfy her sweet tooth. She continued to Thank me.....I guess she did t feel as guilty if I was the one buying all this and she wasn’t. I began to look for her gains week by week and she was creeping up the scale but not nearly as fast as I would have expected. Before I knew it she was shopping one day and when she got gone she said to me “I got your favorites”.....I said “my favorite’s?” She said yeah such and such flavor Ben n Jerry’s, Oreos & snickers. I thought to myself for a second and didn’t even realize I had been settling in almost every night with her on the couch after dinner eating these snacks she deemed as my favorites along with her. Without even realizing I gained around 20 lbs. and couldn’t believe I didn’t even recognize the gut I had put that time I was so aroused all I could think about was intentionally stuffing myself and gaining a lot more weight .....mostly to get teased by my wife, scolded or reprimanded for getting so Fat. I began intentionally gaining .....but still no comments from my wife......weeek after week I would try and stuff more throughout the day just to look huge and bloated when I came home to her....still no comment the weeks turned into months and I was totally fixated on how big my but was getting on a weekly basis I didn’t even notice how much she was gaining as well.....although not as much as me because she wasn’t intentionally stuffing and trying to gain.

So it was mutual gaining but only I was intentionally doing it but I think she not only allowed herself to continue gaining herself because she felt so relaxed with me getting so Fat and I think she actually liked me getting so big.....or at least I tho k she thought she was the one making me Fat.....whatever where all the reasons it was pretty exciting while it lasted.

what is the heaviest man you have dated?2 months

I meet myself every day! smiley
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