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feederism identity and attraction3 weeks

I go crazy with this.
When I was 120 pounds, I didn't think I was sexy, yet I was almost afraid of gaining weight because I was society's ideal. I am way turned on being a fat girl, but get down on myself if I'm with someone who isn't into it, even if they don't complain I'll sometimes wish I was like, anorexic just to make them happy. If it was up to me I'd just be with a feeder and get fatter and love every second of it, never wanting to be thin. . But without the feeder, I get a little too self conscious sometimes.
Other girls, omg.. love all of them, but especially chubby to obese.
Men usually I prefer thin, even scrawny, or muscular. Some rare exceptions of course

It sounds like you have a strong need to please your partner and/or gain their approval. We all do to some extent, some more than others, so it's not a bad thing at all. You also want to be true to yourself and enjoy what you like, so if that is the opposite of what your partner wants, stress and anxiety are the result. You need a partner who wants for you, the same as what you want for yourself, so you can please yourself and him at the same time. That would be a win-win. 🙂

feederism identity and attraction3 weeks

I find gaining women attractive, but I don't want to gain. I find fat very feminine, and I don't want to be feminine. Also I am older, have HBP and diabetes, so I couldn't gain anyway. If anyone is going to gain, they should do it young.

feederism identity and attraction2 weeks

I am almost exactly the same, OP. And this is a great thread.

I'm a pansexual feeder/encourager/FA but I am actively trying to lose a large amount of weight myself (and am halfway to that goal). I find all shapes and sizes attractive depending on the person, but big, soft bodies do that much more for me in general.

feederism identity and attraction2 weeks

Good question, I'll try to give you my point of view. I like to be thin not because I don't like fat but i do sports and like being muscular. And it's not because of some society bull**** but only because it makes me feel good.
Regarding to my partner, I'd rather have a chubby or big girlfriend. I like round shapes and the feels that love handels, fat booty, boobies, etc give you. Moreover I like when the girl is letting herself go because she's happy in the relationship so she does not care about her weight anymore. I think this kind of relationships are fusionnal.
I hope I kind of answered your question although I'm not sure I understand everything you meant.^^

feederism identity and attraction2 weeks

In girls: I like big tits/butt smallish waist. I don't mind a bigger waist depending on the rest of the body proportions. Not attracted to apple shapes or sticking out bellies.
I'm very turned on by hourglass shapes.

In guys: I like stocky, muscular builds with a bit of chub, a small belly is OK but not a really big one.

I'm not a feeder nor fat admirer (though I respect all body types), more just here to gain weight myself.

My last sexual partner was very apple shape (belly dominant) and I honestly didn't find it that arousing. Prefer a more balanced physique. (and we didn't meet on any fetish or body related site)

Edit: In my own body, well genetically I'm the "stick insect" type but I would like a lot more muscle and to be at least 200lbs at my height.
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