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I think at the end of the day it comes down to the fact it's your body, and you can do whatever you want to it. You don't owe them, or anyone for that matter an explanation. You wanna get huge, get huge, there will always be naysayers, but what's important is making yourself happy and fulfilled.

parents4 months

Do you have your own money for groceries? If you don't have a job and have to rely on eating their food, it will be much more difficult to gain.

parents4 months

Do you have your own money for groceries? If you don't have a job and have to rely on eating their food, it will be much more difficult to gain.

Yes i do but they are super overprotective and they will notice it when i buy unhealty stuff.

You can get fat on plenty of healthy stuff. Just eat a lot of it: pasta, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, bread, cheese and other dairy, lots of oil and croutons in salads. When you're out by yourself or with friends go on a junk food rampage.

parents4 months

Can't provide recipes per se, but there are a lot of normal—and even healthy—foods that can help to gain, as long as they are calorie-dense and high in carbs and/or fat:

-nuts (peanuts, almonds, etc)
-whole wheat bread, bagels
-chicken (thighs, breasts, etc)
-any fatty meat (beef, pork, etc)
-beans (baked, pinto, etc)
-whole milk, full-fat yogurt
-most fruits (including dried, i.e. raisins)
-fruit juices

The list goes on and on. Buying foods like these are also usually cheaper than buying junk food (in terms of calories-per-dollar), though obviously they're good too as caloric supplements. Study up on which foods you like and can fit in your budget and you should be all set. Most online articles about gaining weight healthily will include lists like the one above that suggest good foods for gaining. Here's one, for example:

They're usually written for underweight people, but the principles are the same; just on a larger scale depending on how much/quickly you want to gain.

As for hiding unhealthy stuff from parents (for which I accept no responsibility if it doesn't work smiley): get an opaque plastic container that's big enough to hold a food stash but that can also be tucked away and inconspicuous when necessary. Worked for me back in the day, anyway.

Hope some of that info can help. Happy gaining!

parents4 months

My parents have been picking on my weight since I was eight. Now I just shrug and basically say "my life, my body, leave me the hell alone"

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When I started dating my future wife, her mother would always pull me aside and tell me her daughter was getting way too fat. She was very traditional and old-fashioned and considered it my responsibility as a man to put her on a diet.

Of course she wasn't wrong, it really was my fault she's gotten so huge smiley

But my mother-in-law has eased off recently as my bride continues to grow. I think she understands her daughter is happier than ever- and even healthier too, considering her massive weight gain has really helped with debilitating problems she had as a kid, like anemia and hypothermia.