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papa john's lovers!!!6 months

They send me deals on my phone (I'm in Mesa) and I had a 50% off that ended 6/25 but I didn't get the new one. Thank you!

papa john's lovers!!!6 months

Hey everyone in Maricopa county in Arizona. My friend gave me this code for 50% off Papa John's pizza. If u love pizza like I do this is a deal! Code is AZ35491. I've used it 10 times already cuz it's good til sep 4th. Your welcome 😊
I'm a Pizza Hut girl, but I did click on this thread; back when my family did pizza parties, we always got Papa John's unless it was my birthday because my aunt prefers Papa John's, and it's always easier to just avoid piss ing off my aunt, I always wished I could eat my fill without getting fat shamed. I'm getting more confident about eating as much as I would prefer. I started getting 3 or 4 Filet-O-Fish sandwiches alone at McDonald's and eating in the restaurant instead of buying food at the store to take home and gorge on in secret. (Gorging on McDonald's in the privacy of my own home was never an option, as I do not own a car, and the food would have been cold by the time I got home. And don't try to tell me that fast food tastes good after getting cold and being microwaved!) Last spring, I worked up the courage to order what I really wanted when I was with my mom: 3 Filet-O-Fish, a medium or large fry, and 2 32-ounce Diet Dr. Peppers. Shockingly, my extremely fat phobic mother didn't fat shame me; she just told me that I was spending too much money. I live 10 or 15 minutes away from her by car, and she complains about all the gasoline it takes to get to my place and back. She doesn't visit much; thank God for my pets and my BHMS!
The last time I went to McDonald's with my fat phobic aunt, I only got one fish sandwich and a small chocolate shake. That is not enough food for a hungry epicurean who loves McDonald's as much as any feedee. The next time I go to McDonald's with my aunt, I am going to order 3 Filet-O-Fish and a medium chocolate shake and profess my love of being fat.
Back to the subject of pizza, really, almost any pizza is good pizza except taco pizza, Canadian bacon pizza, pizza with too much of any meat other than pepperoni, breakfast sausage, or breakfast bacon, or DiGiorno's. Not only does DiGiorno NOT taste like delivery, it's the worst frozen option! I will occasionally buy it, tho, to get that little thimble full of that delicious, heavenly garlic butter. I will never again doubt the existence of God, because I have tasted DiGiorno garlic butter.

papa john's lovers!!!5 months

"a hungry epicurean who loves McDonald's as much as any feedee"... I agree ! What is better than to slip into a McDo around 5 p.m. and devour a kingsize menu supplemented with a caramel sundae to push it down and then to socially eat a normal dinner at home or with friends?