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did anyone else think that they were the only one?3 months

In middle school and high school, I used to put pillows in my clothes to see what I would look like if I gained weight. I thought I was the only person in the world who did that. I would only do it when I was home alone, with the drapes shut tight. I would ask our dog, "How do I look?" So of her unconditional love and refusal to judge me. By my twenties, I really was a BBW, but I would still lie in bed with pillows over my stomach, fantasizing that they were part of my body. I only did that on nights my then-fiance was at his own apartment.
I thought I was the only feeder. I thought I was the only woman in the world who got turned on by the fantasy of taking a guy with a conventionally attractive male stripper-type body, lovingly cooking and baking for him and feeding him and watching him become obese, and haVing him actually ENJOY it.
Did anyone else think that they were the only feeder, the only feedee, the only person intentionally getting fat, the only guy who prefers women with cellulite, etc?
It was such a welcome discovery that there are many guys who want me to fatten them, I just wish that there was a female feeder for every hetero male feedee.
absolutely; I would stuff with heavy blankets and pillows until I could barely move. I started doing this at a very young age. I couldn't imagine anyone else doing this. I thought that if anyone knew about rhis seemingly harmless but embarrassing practice, I would want to hide myself away. From time to time, I see women with very fat men. I often wonder if these women relish the shape of their round partners
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