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asexuality in fetishists? anyone else?3 months

To elaborate, is this asexuality? I tried looking up 'fetish-sexual' but nothing came up. It seems I'm too much of a fuckin special snowflake for tumblr even, lol. I'm clearly not 'asexual' because I feel sexuality, just for fat people tho. Am I being relatable or just weird lol

asexuality in fetishists? anyone else?3 months

Im the same way but only like fat girls. If you want to chat kik me unreadchief or email me can only send 10 messages a day here

asexuality in fetishists? anyone else?3 months

Asexual means you don't experience sexual attraction at all. I think you're just 'fatsexual' smiley

asexuality in fetishists? anyone else?3 months

Asexual means you don't experience sexual attraction at all. I think you're just 'fatsexual' smiley

That seems to be the most accurate

asexuality in fetishists? anyone else?3 months

Asexual means you don't experience sexual attraction at all. I think you're just 'fatsexual' smiley

Spot on! smiley

asexuality in fetishists? anyone else?3 months

As someone who identifies as asexual I personally view it as a lack of sexual attraction to anyone. There are plenty of gorgeous people on here, and I find them aesthetically pleasing but it doesn't turn me on.
I'm personally here because of the community of other gainers and feedees that encourage each other to continue gaining.

asexuality in fetishists? anyone else?2 months

Biromantic asexual here.

I see asexuality as not being sexually attracted to others. I've never had a crush on someone. Never wanted to rip someone's clothes off. I can understand that people are pretty but it's not sexual attraction.

It's hard to describe. Like if I'm out with my friends. They'll go "ooh he's a hottie" or something along the lines of they'd fuck him. But I don't even notice them/ it doesn't even come into my mind.

I'll have sex but it's the act that turns me on not the person.

asexuality in fetishists? anyone else?2 months

I will throw this out there: It could just be low hormone levels, or diminished libido caused by any number of factors---depression; anxiety; poor diet; or some other kind of ailment; or even some combination of all of these. Before I get reamed on here, let me give you this disclaimer: I'm not here to argue about asexuality as an orientation. All I'm saying is, give at least some consideration to the idea that you might be doing yourself a disservice by settling into the notion of "asexuality" without first getting checked out for some underlying condition.

We all know about our four main biological drives. Eating, drinking, sleep, and reproduction (sex). If you went more than a day without feeling hungry, you'd probably suspect something was wrong. If you stopped getting thirsty several times a day, I hope you'd worry. If you were an insomniac, you probably would try different remedies to help you sleep. But a lot fewer people seem to make this connection when it comes to sex drive. I guess because humans don't *have* to have sex the way we have to obey our other biological drives. So it's easy to fall into a sort of comfort zone and be content without any sexual expression or outlet whatsoever. I don't think there's anything "wrong" with this in a judgmental sense, but I am suggesting that it doesn't necessarily have to be that way.

I've been through periods of sexual apathy where even I became convinced that I must be asexual. Then I realized that I've also gone through periods where I've had a high sex drive, so it was pretty unlikely that I had suddenly become "asexual."

Also, I think having a fetish distorts one's sense of sexuality to a degree. Depending on how deeply wrapped up you become in it, you might be confused about what (or whom) exactly you find sexually appealing. My own sexuality isn't entirely tied into this fetish, although I do rely to a large extent on imagination and fantasizing. Fortunately, though, I can also get turned on just by physical contact with women (thin, fat, or in-between), so it's not *entirely* dependent on fetishistic triggers.

Finally--a lot of you won't want to hear this!--you might also consider cutting back on masturbation and looking at porn, if you engage in those activities frequently. These can easily become compulsive indulgences and over time will almost certainly wreak havoc with your sex drive. For purposes of this site, pics and videos could be considered "porn" regardless of explicit content or the lack thereof. Also, having no other outlet beyond what you find on the Web is self-reinforcing. Eventually flesh-and-blood people can't measure up to images on a screen. I think that's when it definitely crosses the line into problem territory.

asexuality in fetishists? anyone else?1 month

im here lol the site of cute lovely bellies isntn sexual for me, its just adorable and looks cuddly and the aesthetic appels to me, but thats it. nothing sexual about it for me. same as when im stuffing and have a full belly, it feels good but not in a sexual wayl.

asexuality in fetishists? anyone else?1 month

I'm just going to come out of the closet and work with the original thread title: asexuality fetish.

I can confirm that such a thing indeed exists, and also that it's nigh impossible to find anything about it on the interwebs; for I myself happen to be such a case- undoubtedly brought about by childhood abuse, yet by the time I realised what I was doing the deed was already done.

When I was young I ate to become unattractive; mostly subconscious, but this is a theory psychologists actually support and document so I'm going to assume that's true.

However, I happen to fall in love with a fat admirer... which (again, subconsciously) implied I wasn't fat enough yet.

I'm not saying that sex was bad, but I've always had the strangest reactions to it; and when -due to my weight- having sex became increasingly difficult, I didn't back down; I just let that happen.

Now, my husband probably fancied himself a fat admirer but he simply wasn't prepared for me; meaning he developed severe problems getting a hard-on for me as time went by. Neither him nor me knew whence it came (it wasn't as obvious as it was in my case) but he totally embraced this added difficulty and wanted more of it.

So there we were: me, subconsciously trying to avoid men by gaining weight; and my husband, happily allowing his manhood to slip away further living out some weird 'asexuality fetish' of his own.

Already far beyond a 'comfortable' level of overweight, I decided to --consciously this time-- find other means to sabotage our sexlives; and he wholeheartedly pledged himself to this cause. Looking back at it it was the weirdest thing, yet it was what we both wanted so we dedicated ourselves to it and, sure enough, found a way to pull it off.

As I've said, I cannot for the life of me find anything even remotely related to this on the interwebs; but I dare claim we both had a severe case of 'asexuality fetishism'.

How else do you call it when you get a thrill out of feeling your husband's last centimeter escape you; and using it as a gauge like "how much more fat do I need to pile onto my ladyparts before he's completely out of there?"

How else do you call it when your husband encourages you to keep gaining, because me getting uglier helped him defuse accidental hard-ons? By then he merely needed to open his eyes and he'd shrink on the spot; but he still perceived my boobs as a risk and thus required a fatter wife just to be on the safe side.

How else do you call it when teaching your husband all kinds of wrong habits finally pays off, and he thanks you for it; even asking you to render him just a little more impotent, despite already being utterly unable to climax? (I presume due to something psychologic, can't be sure tho)

All I can say is ... it definitely exists. He literally (really literally out loud) expressed his desire to become 200% unable to have any kind of sex, including self-relief. And years later, seeing that feeding me didn't get rid of my hand helping him out occasionally, extended that desire to become SO repulsive I would not only barely be able to help him, but unwilling to do so.

Eventually, we all got what we wanted:
I cannot touch myself; but luckily I don't feel the need.
None but the most stalwart of fat admirers would ever dream of having sexual relations with me.
He can barely relief himself; (he however DOES feel the need)
And for a little over a year now, whenever he shows up in my bedroom 'in need', all I wanted for him was to leave.

For me personally, my initial reason to gain and the way I coped with whatever followed, clearly had its roots in the sexual abuse I'd suffered as a child; and over time, I've grown out of it. At this point I would not consider myself a hardcore asexual fetishist-- it's merely something I do by lack of choice.

For me husband ... The Lord only knows what was going on there. But it that ain't an asexuality fetish, nothing is.

Would love to learn more about it -hence my showing up in this thread; but it's probably not exactly what you meant? .....or is it?
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