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midwest crew3 weeks

Hey im from wisconsin !!!!! Where all my peoples at lets do a meet up

midwest crew3 weeks

Hey im from wisconsin !!!!! Where all my peoples at lets do a meet up
Hell yeah, let's make this happen!!! You asked where we're at; I'm keeping Pleasant Hill, Iowa feederistic. We could definitely do the meet up in Pleasant Hill. Ppl are super-non-judgmental here. Don't worry, Pleasant Hill is a suburb of Des Moines, I live about 20 minutes away from the Des Moines airport; we're not a tiny rural town in the middle of nowhere. Doing it at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota in the Twin Cities area would be fun, also a non-judgmental, friendly populace, but everyone who is not from Minnesota would need GPS; the way they label roads and give directions is very confusing to ppl who are not from Minnesota. (No offense, ppl from Minnesota. I love you!)

midwest crew2 weeks

I'd like to express interest on behalf of Minnesota. We know our roads and that's what's important! Good luck everybody else!

midwest crew6 days

Chicago here ane very interested in going to a FF meetup

midwest crew5 days

I am from MN and I would love to go!
It would be nice to be in the company of a group of feedists like myself for a change. Lol
While Mall Of America sounds fun there is a lot of walking going on in a mall that size. Lol
I don't know what I would recommend but I would just love to see this happen.

midwest crew3 days

I am game. It would be great to show my wife the community and meet new friends! We could also to a kind of park. Like a pavilion of some sort.