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dom feedees/sub feeders?1 month

I think both rolls are perfectly appropriate. Sometimes the feedee might need to be demanding but on the other hand if she was surrounded with food and had no need to be demanding she would happily eat and get fatter and fatter. So would that make the man submissive or dominant or just a willing feeder who wants to see his feedee grow and become absolutely massive.

When bring food to a feedee you make sure that you know what they like which in a certain sense could be submissive because you automatically bring them what they like but then you covertly bring them additional things to try and then they would enjoy your worship of them which may be in the form of secretly trying to fatten them or by bringing them different things.

So maybe annoyingly I may be taking a submissive role by bringing food and making sure that it's available but then again I may be taking on the dominant role by making sure that there's everything there that she needs to grow and grow. Very interesting thoughts

dom feedees/sub feeders?3 weeks

It reminds me of the old "Porky's Romance" cartoon but with a happier ending! She (as an example) begins to lounge on the couch and eating boxes of chocolates more and more. As she begins to get fat, you are doing more of the cooking and cleaning. She gets fatter still and becomes lazy and starts to expect to be waited on, cooked for, brought boxed chocolates and adored. Perhaps she degrades you or makes you jealous as she gets fatter and more demanding? Soon you are doing all the cooking, cleaning, drawing her bubble bath and putting towels fresh from the dryer on her after. Buttoning her shirt while on your knees. She knows this arouses you and keeps raising the pampering bar!

dom feedees/sub feeders?3 weeks

I'm a domme leaning switch, so domme feedee is right up my alley. I love the thought of having my sub feeder worship my belly and cater to my whims, getting me whatever food I'm craving. I also love the idea that one day they gets restless and ties me up to mercilessly stuff me just because I'm not growing fast enough for their satisfaction.

dom feedees/sub feeders?3 weeks

I am a dominant feedee

dom feedees/sub feeders?2 weeks

I'm a dom feedee who would love to find a sub feeder. Having them cater to my needs especially after work when I'm too tired to do anything.
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