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plan to start up a social group in my area.1 month

Just to give a small background about myself. I am a married male who is looking to make new friends, nothing sexual. However that being said, I am looking to get enough interest in the Nudist/Naturist lifestyle with like minded folk such as myself. Does not have to be a daily or weekly thing, just an occasional meet up of going to buffets, and have bbqs and then go somewhere clothing optional for the day, strip naked and just be free with our plus sized bodies. Anybody male or female interested please send me a reply.

Eating and getting naked with the particular body types you are attracted to doesn't sound very platonic :-)

plan to start up a social group in my area.3 weeks

Nothing wrong with a little nudity, if you can keep from being turned on in front of people smiley

My wife and I walk around the house nude every evening and weekend, unless there's grass to cut, then I have to put at least a few articles of clothing on smiley We love each other's bods and enjoy them freely.

plan to start up a social group in my area.6 days

I could be down for this. But nowhere nearby sadly :-(