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can anyone recommend a story?2 weeks

The very first wg story I ever read a dozen years ago was a BHM story and I have been hooked ever since. Although for a long while a read mostly female wg stories. Anyway, this is the story that got me hooked all those years ago:

In the new Dimensions forum, probably my favorite author is bigbeautifuldreamer. Try this one:

can anyone recommend a story?2 days

These may not win any bonus points, but assuming you've got through most of FF, I particularly like the following:

This short but sweet snippet

Nobody tells Jake what to do

A few threads on interactives on (some of which I've added my own humble efforts to)

Dimensions ones you've almost certainly already seen:

The Dining Room Parts 1 & 2

The Benedict Contract (particularly parts 7-15)

The Fat Husbands Club

can anyone recommend a story?2 days


Feeding, teasing, and vore, all in one.

This is awesome! Really tantalising and cleverly written! Thanks for sharing.
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