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how long did it take?5 months

I was at about 200 in my first year of college. That was 2003. Lost a bit near the beginning and kept it off until my last year of my undergrad. I probably gained about 20 pounds. I hovered around there until I met my future wife, who loves to cook. That was 2008. I've gained 30-40 pounds since then.

how long did it take?2 months

Rounder and Rounder:
I was 312 when i graduated high school, slowly got up to 375 over 5-6 years. But I got down to 308 Late last year and I'm at 381 now. So 73 lbs in 9 months

So would you say that gaining 75lbs in a year is possible?

Easily, once you get accustomed to eating too much. If Iím snacking throughout the day and eating large meals, I gain like 2-3 pounds a week sometimes. Now, I have a job where I sit for 8 hours a day, and I donít get more than like a couple hours of light to moderate exercise per week, so your mileage may vary.

And the calories DO ramp up. I lose about a pound a week if Iím eating *2500 calories* right now, because the extra body mass (Iím 320 right now) needs extra energy to maintain.

how long did it take?2 months

Oh man... I was 260 at the end of highschool, and 350 by the time I turned 23. ...Been between 300-350 since then up and down (cuz it's fun to pop buttons)

how long did it take?2 months

1981- 162lbs
2017- new high today 261lbs
So that is 36 years
31 of those years are Married years where the biggest gains happened.

how long did it take?1 month

it took a long time to correct my metabolism. 2 years to go from an athletic 165 lbs to 205. My body really hangs on to fat now and I can see the beginnings of stretchmarks on my belly. Im hoping the wait is worth it.
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