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gassy farting bbws3 weeks

Soooooo confession time ( meaning that I don't judge don't judge me. I don't rain haterade for your clown fetish or your little fetish )

I can't think of anything more satisfying then a female feedee ( so not men @-@ at sliiiiiide to the left.) farting during or after a stuffing , I mean it's LITERALLY the cutest thing in the whole world ! Think of it from my perspective...I've just stuffed you completely senseless , fingers coated with chocolate syrup , crumbs on your breast and tummy and the sweetest expression of contentment on a feedees face..but lots of greasy food causes lower gas..and you toot.

- see ! It's completely adorable !

So yes ! Looking for that special girl to make my heart skip a beat who loves farting herself (it's not that rare right ? I mean it's a big community...)
Thanks for listening to me fan girl , confess ..whatever you would call this.