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I'm currently fattening up my bf of three years - a sweet, intelligent guy whose slight weight gain I enjoyed and wanted to encourage.
I'm here to learn more about this fetish and discuss some issues related to weight gain.

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Welcome to the world of Fantasy Feeder!

How big is your bf? How long have you been fattening him?

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Not huge, and I just want him to be soft and cuddly.
He has cut down on work to stay home, and he gained a couple pounds, when I thought it was cute. So I kept encouraging him, and I'd say he's gained about 15 lbs or so, a little under halfway. It's been about two or three months now.

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In what was are you encouraging/getting him to gain? I am curious for my own usage in my love life.

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Part of it is encouraging him in all things he loves best. He does all the cooking, so I suggested a cooking class. He took more, and that is when he started putting on a little weight. Typically I dig into the greatest weakness: desserts. He has no willpower and will eat it if it's around. We have a dinner with friends every Friday and he makes Bread twice a month- sure to add extra calories. He's down to part-time work now, as we're getting married soon and he'll stop working entirely once that happens. Keeping him at home has really helped him gain weight.
Giving him extra love, attention, and physical affirmation has helped him slip into an oblivion. It was only last week that he realized how fat he was growing.
I don't ever challenge him physically - beyond housework. I keep him cozy and well-loved at all times.
This Friday I invited some other feeder/ feedee couples so he can be encouraged to continue eating more. He still has about 15-20 lbs. Before he's the right size.
Encouraging habits that never require teaching out of their comfort zone - dishes of candy on every table, treats as often as possible, encouraging him to try one more - oh, and I put a strict ban on leftovers. NO SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS IN THE FRIDGE. Encourage them to eat them - don't worry about time, as long as they're adding calories they will fatten up and get used to limited activity. Also, love them up - I asked him how he felt one evening and he said, "full, and loved." That way they will be contentedly fat, with no desire or need to slim down.

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Full and loved. Swoon!

That all sounds amazing thank you for sharing. My girl isn't a big eater, I'm honestly unsure of how she's the size she is tbh. The idea of fattening up another person has always been nothing more then a fantasy but there's potential with her. She's fully aware how attractive I find her extra curves/softness so hopefully she'll enjoy the act of making herself more cuddly.

introduction2 days

Love her and have food around. You never know, she might come around.