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weight gain - expensive?4 days

It depends. My bf has gained about 20 lbs, but it's mostly through habits.

He does all the cooking, and when I began fattening him I made an effort to keep him with food as much as possible - he takes cooking classes, and started cooking from a dessert cookbook. Since he has no willpower around sweets, it was easy for him to make one dessert per week and finish it.
Also I told him to stop leaving leftovers. Leftovers MUST be consumed. Go out once a week, order many dishes, and tell your feedee they need to eat them.
Fattening someone or feeding them is not just about money and dining, it's about habits. What are their weaknesses? Eroding portion control, changing their habits and expectations are all very effective.

weight gain - expensive?3 days

I know a lot of people who were able to gain a significant amount of weight on a tight budget ($50 a week). It's not nearly as easy or enjoyable as being able to eat whatever you want though, as it's pretty repetitive & basic (rice & beans, peanut butter, bread, milk, etc.)

weight gain - expensive?2 days

There are a lot of fat poor people.