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sci-fi wg story ideas?5 days

I have this series with an established set of characters that are kind of like a bargain-bin Star Trek crew. I came up with them so that I could write fetish stories with little time spent on character development and in a universe where basically anything could happen. Only now I feel like I've given myself too much freedom and I can't think of anything else to put them through.

So far they've encountered a fungus that makes the infected person insatiable, and one crew member had to save Christmas (therefore cookie binge). I had an idea of them needing to eat the massive cargo that they're delivering for some reason, but I haven't written it yet.

Let me know if there's anything you want to see! I share these on Deviantart so I would give you credit for your ideas.

sci-fi wg story ideas?5 days

Ooo where do I find them on deviant? Sounds right up my alley. Also possible idea which is sort of a rip off from an old superman comic...they get bit by some sort of creature that makes them grow and crave to be larger and larger?

sci-fi wg story ideas?5 days

That's me. It's the Continuing Adventures of the USS Vorare Series.

I like that idea! I could see them getting into little mini competitions as more of them get bitten. Thanks!

sci-fi wg story ideas?5 days

Yay! Super excited to spend sometime looking thru your stuff

sci-fi wg story ideas?4 days

You'll have to let me know what you think! And shoot me any ideas you might have :-)