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first stuffing experience2 months

So, I had my first real stuffing experience last night. I had it all planned out for a couple of days before and the anticipation drove me crazy. I'm currently in a place that I don't have much access to extra food, so I had to acquire it from here and there over two days. All in all, I had four individual sized bags of potato chips, a chocolate bar, a large slice of cake, and a large slice of cherry cobbler. This was shortly after eating spaghetti and a side salad for dinner.

The whole experience was very erotic. it was one of those sexual experiences where you don't even have the capacity to think about anything else. My mind was set on one thing, consumption. All of the food tasted extra amazing. It was like my tastebuds were in overdrive. I went from enjoying one to two chips at a time to cramming as many in my mouth as possible. I ate the desserts with no hands, preferring to get on my hands and knees and stick my whole face into my sweet rewards. My first bite of the chocolate bar felt like the first time I had ever really tasted chocolate. I was thinking beforehand that I would probably not be able to finish or that my stomach would get upset and I wouldn't enjoy the experience as much. It was quite the opposite. When all the food was gone, I wanted more. Much more. If you want to see post stuffing pictures, just check out my profile.

Looking back on the evening, I am filled with mostly positive feelings, but also more trepidation than I have felt before on the subject of gaining. Getting fat almost feels like an inevitability for me. The sensuality of feeding was so strong that I know if I decided to take the plunge, I would not be able to stop until I was absolutely enormous. It just seems built into my DNA. That thought fills me with worry. I've only just developed this feedee kink and my wife doesn't know about it. She knows I like her size, but she doesn't know that I'd like to be fat too. I worry that she would not find me attractive anymore. I worry that it would negatively affect my career (which is an extremely important and rewarding part of my life). I feel like I have four real options.

1. Go headfirst into gaining and get really fat, really quick. Take the risk of telling my wife all about this and hoping she understands.

2. Just live my life as I have done for the past few years. Not paying too close attention to my diet and trying to get to the gym 2 times per week. I've maintained my weight for about two years doing this.

3. Lose the working out and just eat how I usually eat, but make the stuffing sessions a once every couple of months kind of thing. I'd probably gain weight, but at a much slower rate than if I just dove in. I don't know if I'd tell my wife about this or not.

4. Try to put this out of my head and lose a little bit of weight and eat healthier.

I don't see option four actually working. I don't think I could suppress this enough to do that.

Does anybody else feel like they're in this boat?