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reckless gaining2 months

There is a right way to gain. With relatively healthy food, staying active, pacing yourself.

And then there is gaining weight or fattening someone as fast as possible. Literally avoiding healthy food unless it's surrounded by processed fat, flour, and sugar. Guzzling soda. Not leaving the couch, letting those muscles atrophy. Descending into morbid obesity with complete reckless abandon and no regard for health.

It's what you really want. Have you given in? Enabled? Do you spend every day waiting for the dam to break?

I find the thought of this incredibly hot and often think about finding a feeder who will help this become a reality.

Yes, YEs...YES!!! Sign me up!

reckless gaining2 months

For me, it would take away the thrill. One of the most satissatisfying things to watch as I fatten up the little Butterball, is watching is self control slowly melt away. We had this huge dinner with a few feedees and feeders who were much larger than he is, and watching him simply eat just because of his company was heartening.
But it is slowly watching him go for another serving, finish another dish, and develop hunger where he would have been fine a few months ago...that's satisfying.

Wait, you have feedee friends that you meet in real life to eat with? How did you meet them? I have yet to meet anyone in real life that shares our fetish
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