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question for straight feedees3 weeks

do you see being turned on by gaining as homoerotic to some degree?

question for straight feedees3 weeks

Maybe? I consider myself straight; I'm only interested in relationships with women and am attracted to women of all shapes and sizes. A big soft tummy will turn me on no matter who it's on though, be it a woman, a man, or myself.

The follow-up question is does it matter?

question for straight feedees2 weeks

as a gay encourager I have talked to many straight feedees who have become more curious as they gained, although I don't think it has to do with attraction to the male body, it's more about trying other aspects of the gaining experience in my opinion, like losing control, being the recipient of admiration or even teasing and of course being fattened up ...
although that doesn't mean that all people are the same, I have also talked to many people who are respectfully straight and a few homophobic jerks