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do weight limits ever work?8 months

It seems like feedees who have some kind of limit in mind when they start gaining either can't stop when they get there or don't even want to stop.

In fact I can't think of a single case where someone stopped where they planned!

Does anyone know of any such cases?

do weight limits ever work?8 months

I can't speak on anyone else's situation, but for me once I hit 430 I knew that was my limit. Im pretty independent and I want to stay that way so I force myself to stay committed to my limit so I can do the things I want to do without assistance.

I jump from 420-430 for about a year now. When I hit 430, I know I need to slow down and I do.

Also, since I do weigh so much, It doesn't take much for me to lose weight. Just bypass a burger or 3 lmao....

do weight limits ever work?8 months

I never gained intentionally, but I did nothing to stop myself from getting up to 295 lbs. I knew I didn't want to cross the 300 lb mark, and got down to 280 without much effort. Later, I lost another 40 lbs on purpose, but that is a different story.

do weight limits ever work?7 months

Not for me... I think I have put on about 30 lbs since I stopped gaining, lol!