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do ffas exist?3 weeks

I know the title may be kind of misleading as I've seen a ton on this site alone but still I doubt if straight FFAs really exist. I mean they're called unicorns for a reason. I feel like a lot women keep it closeted if they are so if there's any girls out there who'd care to give me some insight I'd appreciate it.

do ffas exist?3 weeks

My own gender/sexual identity stuff aside, I'm pretty sure I count here.

Hi, FFAs exist! I'm semi-closeted though; I've voiced the odd thing to friends (like finding Chris Pratt more attractive when he was chubby, sometimes referring to myself as a chaser) but I've never discussed the kink side.

I seem to remember this topic coming up a lot before, but I've never heard FFA referred to as unicorns. I didn't think the idea was so rare!

do ffas exist?3 weeks

I've never heard the term "unicorn" in my life - and I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Yes, we exist

do ffas exist?2 weeks

Absolutely! I'm bisexual and in a hetero marriage, and the bigger my husband gets, the hotter his body is to me! Big guys hit the spot (in more ways than one! 😉smiley