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yoshiko's feedback6 months

I am an on again off again member. I got introduced by someone I no longer talk to -which I think says a lot about the site.

At first I was skeptical and I think some of the 'good' people here make all the difference, so I am thankful having met you.

Ok, enough of that.. I have been throwing ideas out from time to time and decided it more constructive I make a list. Most of the stuff minor.

�when you click 'reply' the cursor made to go down to the text area box at the bottom would be really cool/helpful

�urls automatically becoming clickable links would be really cool -even better if it's in another tab -perhaps with a warning message that the user is about to 'leave ff'

�existing profile links clicked currently open in the same tab and boot the user (?) needs confirming

�smilies smiley

- I do want to say I think the chat is really cool and I am thankful we have it, AND for free which is something uncommon.

�I do not have a suggestion for this one, but sometimes a user private messages another and it gets sent twice/multiple times and for the recipient to check it costs them multiple of their limited messages views which is kind of a pain.

-on that note if a user messages and then sends another message this appears as 2 separate messages in the inbox but both can be viewed by clicking either message (which is good)
but seeing them as 2 seperate openable inbox messages is in my opinion disparaging when considering your choices are -use an extra of your limited message views just to get rid of the 'new' icon or even accidentally
leave it un opened and 'new' even though it has been technically read already. (please correct me if mistaken, sorry! )

�Currently (I may be mistaken) if you read a message but do not delete it your inbox count remains the same -I am not positive

-For a while I have been trying to go through 10 messages a day. Each time I would do my limit as well as delete the messages because I don't like clutter. -the problem being if I delete a message and the person responds referring to something that was said... I can't see what they were talking about and that's awkward.

-if I DON'T delete the messages then I have to go through multiple pages to find the ones not marked 'New' and i think (?) that non deleted/read messages still show up in the inbox number at the top. I can screenshot if necessary and blur out faces and names! ♥ lmk

I hope that I am very much being respectful and constructive. There has of course been a LOT of dedication and effort put into this site and it shows. Definitely the best feederism website out there. Thank you for creating it and keeping it so safe and active ♥

yoshiko's feedback6 months

Thanks for this, it's really helpful to get your feedback. It will be a while before I'll be able to find time for these changes but I'll definitely bear them in mind.

yoshiko's feedback6 months

I was worried I would sound like a pessimist. You clearly do and have done a lot hiccupx! I love ff! ❤️️