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"i didn't recognise you!"4 months

Has anyone got this?

I have gained around 80 lbs in the past year and I've been having comments like this from people I only see occasionally.

"i didn't recognise you!"4 months

Oh yeah, for sure. This just happened a few weeks ago when i saw a colleague I hadn't seen in a few years. I was standing about 5 feet away from her in a line and could tell she look right past me without recognizing me. So I said hello and she "oh hey, I didn't recognize you!" That was the clearly the polite way to say, "wow, you got so fat." I guess I did put on at least 60-70 lbs since I saw her last though.

"i didn't recognise you!"4 months

I got one of these last weekend.
I was at a convention and ran into a girl I knew in middle school, I've doubled my weight since she saw me last. She only recognized me by name. At least I wasn't the only one who had filled out.

"i didn't recognise you!"3 months

my school friend told me the same a few weeks ago...hate such situations

"i didn't recognise you!"3 months

I had this happen at my 10th high school reunion years ago. I had grown a beard since high school and gained nearly 50 pounds. I remember someone finally saying, "What happened to the old Zonker?"

My reply: "I ate him."

"i didn't recognise you!"3 weeks

This just happened to me twice this weekend at my 15 year grad school reunion. One woman felt embarrassed after she said it and blamed it on not having her glasses.

"i didn't recognise you!"2 weeks

Never occured to me, especially because when my looks changes that's because I lost weight, gain some a shade of burlness overtime, radically changed my sense of fashion and/or merely changed of personality.

However, I cannot count anymore the number of times I almost thought aloud those same words because of a woman... ponderously speaking.