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"the allure of the pregnant woman"5 months

"The Allure of the Pregnant Woman"
An essay by Zonker (aka GrowingLoveHandles)

I have to admit that I find pregnant women very hot. That may be disturbing to you, and it does disturb me some as well. But the reasons I enjoy the so-called "fat fetish" and feederism (the swelling bellies, the weight gain, the consumption of food -- eating for two!) are the same reasons I enjoy the sight of a beautiful pregnant woman.

There is something so erotic about a pregnant woman. Her shape and size, I find so desirable. And her glowing face, her countenance so beautiful it almost makes me cry.

In the same manner, I find myself staring at photos of the latest Kardsashian to bare herself -- this time in pregnancy. I don't know any thing about the Kardashians as celebs, but here I am enjoying the visage of a beautiful woman, ripe and plump with child. Should I feel bad that I find this erotic? Am I perverted? I don't know.

What she says about all this is something I find enlightening:

"Iím at my best when Iím pregnant. Itís such an amazing feeling, the transformation that your body goes through. Thereís something about that thatís so empowering and beautiful and I just really embrace it. Itís what a womanís body is made to do."

I have thought about this a lot because generally, I find pregnant women to be very attractive to the point that I am aroused by them. I hope that doesn't upset you any, but it is true. And I am certain many others (both men and women) feel the same way.

I used to think I was somewhat perverted and unusual in my peculiar interest in pregnant women. I thought this was all because I was into weight gain, BBWs and bellies in general. These days, though, I wonder if perhaps the reverse isn't true:

That I am fascinated with female bellies and female weight gain because of a biological attraction to females who are pregnant.

Let's face it, guys (and gals)! There is something just inexplicably hot about a woman from the moment her baby bump becomes noticeable until she is swollen and ready to pop! I don't know what it is, but plenty have zoned in on the fact that she just seems to be "glowing" and indeed, her face seems so happy so much of the time.

I think this goes to our need to reproduce, and a sensual pregnant belly makes us all (men and women) extremely excited at the continuation of our species. That's the biological quirk we have which causes us to favor pregnancy and to view it in such an otherwise disturbing manner.

Of course, there are other sides to this as well. There is the naughtiness factor as in pregnancy is the result of good old-fashioned fun sexual activity.

And then, there's the fact that she represents good old motherhood. She is a mom-to-be, and in that role, some of the stodgier psychoanalysts might say that we guys (and maybe even women) want to bed her. I don't know about that, but there is something very hawt going on here for many of us, including yours truly.

Also, there is a vulnerability about a pregnant woman which causes all to want to shield her and protect her in so many ways. But on the flips side, she often shows a strength and courage which we all find desirable. She represents the best of all humanity -- and her strength comes from her ability (and in the modern world, her willingness) to grow a huge belly and become a mom, all for keeping humanity going.

Philosophically, then, she represents the very best we have to offer, a promise of a better day -- a hope for the future, no matter how dreary and desperate today may seem.

"the allure of the pregnant woman"5 months

Good points growinglovehandles

TBH, aren't feedees trying to recreate the pregnant look with fat? That would explain why we are all excited by growing bellies

"the allure of the pregnant woman"5 months

I LOVE pregnant females for all the reasons mentioned above. Great post GLH

"the allure of the pregnant woman"5 months

Me and my wife don't really want kids...

But she told me one of the benefits of getting pregnant would be all the weight gain.

Of course, at her size she has a different problem from "regular" fat women.
They get their bellies mistaken for baby bumps.
She's so obese all over, I don't think anyone would be able to tell if she got pregnant!