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my strange experience2 weeks

So my father has dated this woman for quite some time and I have got to know her daughter quite well . We became friends and quite close I have watched her go and grow from a very fit tom boy type to a very grown full figured heavy set woman whom I am very attracted to . I never said anything to her but she tends to reference her weight gain and always invites me for dinner n snacks and beer .always telling me how "I need to fatten up" . She's gorgeous and it feels right but wrong . What do I do ?

my strange experience2 weeks

Ask her why you need to fatten up. I would also ask her what happened that she has changed from a very fit boy type girl into a voluptuous heavy woman.

my strange experience1 week

She's gorgeous and it feels right but wrong . What do I do ?

Why does it feel right and why does it feel wrong? Afraid to cross the friend line and be more than friends? Do you think you aren't compatible that way? Afraid of hurting her or being hurt? Because she's the daughter of your father's girlfriend?

It would be interesting to see why she switched from skinny tom boy to plump woman, but that just may be her growing up. As to her comments about you needed to fatten up LOL At least she's honest about it. Does she know about your weight interest? If not, maybe she discovered she likes gaining or feeding too. Sounds like you could have some insightful conversations but as far if it's right or wrong, that's totally your view on it and I think you need to figure out what feels right about it and what feels wrong about it and then go from there. Be a shame to miss out on something beautiful. It would be kind of cool if you two, as their kids, made a good couple too.