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wife is unintentionally gaining. what to do?!3 months

Well, I can't get inside her head, but I can offer this:

The world is telling her that she is too fat, she's not okay. You need to speak louder than the world. She needs to hear how attractive and beautiful you find her. Not just her belly, but all of her. Kiss her elbows and her armpits! If you slowly ramp up belly time she will slowly gain confidence and comfort when you do. Just resting your hand on her belly in bed--quiet and comfortable--non sexually can transition into more intimate touch after time. She needs to know all of her is sexy and you love all of her.
Best wishes for a transition to mutually enjoyable belly time!!

wife is unintentionally gaining. what to do?!2 months

You have quite an imagination there and do make helpful relevant suggestions.