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hi. love thin women gaining to become bbw's :)5 months

So many formerly thin young women have been gaining weight on purpose to plump up and become nice, big, and fat,which is very appealing, that it seems quite popular. Women gain in order to fit in better, to become more womanly, shapely, and ample, because many guys like it, because they are tired of struggling to stay thin, to show that it is just fine for women to be large, and because they so much truly enjoy becoming big, round, soft, and fat. If you are a thin/skinny or slim woman who wants to gain or a formerly thin/skinny or slim woman who is working on her gaining or completed it in order to become a lovely, luscious, luxuriant well-developed bbw for good, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

hi. love thin women gaining to become bbw's :)3 months

I used to be thin - or always strived to be. But it was way too hard. I always felt like my body was working against me, like my body wants to be fat. And I loved the humiliation. Always trying to lose weight but never losing. The disappointment of my family, the teasing of my friends. It makes me so fucking wet. I love being told what a lazy, fat, pathetic piggy I am. With sagging tits and gigantic nipples. I'd love your help embracing this even more