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Oh wow.

SHE just had her first moment of real public fat-shaming I can recall.

We were out on a date window-shopping, and a young fashionable couple passed by. The woman shouted out "Uggh...DEBU!" [Japanese for fattie or obese] right next to her.

Not right at her, but you could tell she wasn't trying to hide her voice and wanted my wife to hear.

Thing is, my wife didn't mind at all.
1. Life is too short to worry about the opinions of people who don't matter to you.
2. She knows it's true, she's quite the porker now and proud of it.
3. I suspect she dressed the way she did on purpose to get attention for being fat. A giant T-shirt, with a button-down blouse so small for her now she literally couldn't button it. Apart from one button she fastened over her giant chest. Making her belly look like it was exploding out.

The last time we went on a date, she was outright bragging to people:
"My husband loves how fat I am.
It's his fault I'm so obese, and I don't even know how big he plans on making me!
It's true love, I'm so happy!"

I think she wanted that negative attention...

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Read my story. The negative looks and comments are parts of the whole enjoyable experience of being obese.

The negative looks and comments are part of being human then living into a shitty society, anyway.

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I used to be really affected by the mean comments but these last days, I feel like a switch in my mind.

Next times people will critisize, I think I will actually thank them, showing that what they point out as negative, is actually what makes me happy. And I guess it will show just pretty naturally because this is really how I feel now.Not feeling anymore like I need to justify myself !
Thanks to feederism community !!
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