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any other people really into the idea of a world where obesity is normalized and encouraged?3 months

In a world where both I.A.s, Globalization & Eugenics overrules the mainstream core of Capitalism and where we may product a widespread plethora of "needs" to such form of system without risking to kill our planetary environment around or worrying about "waste" or "environmental imbalance" which would be there everything but mere archaic conceptions...

yes, there could be probable with the further progress of technology that Western society may evolve out of its present patterns - including thin worship, which exists no more no less for economic reasons only - decides to screw off this body standard then that eventually, widespread obesity strikes throughout the upper class.
If the upper class, at its turn, decide to product some propaganda to which what:
- being a bizillon-of-pounds, bed-bound female humane beachwhale is the ultimate panacea to Beauty, Success, Self-Empowerment & Health;

- that the more a woman let her multi-folded girth hang down right to the ground the more her figure will be closer to a "fit body";
- then above all that human beings doesn't dies anymore because of their physiology which cannot handles anymore to weigh one-quarter-or-half ton;

that's would be an eventuality. The 2008 Disney/Pixar animated film feature "Wall-E" already exploited this theme about a reclused Hypercapitalist space Utopia where most of the descendants from the last humans worthy enough (or rather, wealthy) to be drive out from a Dying Earth hundred of years ago ran a hedonistic, vacation-lookalike way of life out of any stress with their day-to-day utterly idle activities, anaerobically-superobese bodies thanks to many generations of (partially engineered, perhaps) physiological adaptation under artificial gravity motion then even utter obese babies... before a Earth-bound, mechanical allegory to the Biblical Adam develop out of its initial programm overtime both sapience and lust for a celestial New Eve and a forbidden fungal lifeform then decide to screw off an entire spaceship secretly lead by some outer-space Big Brother.

A Libanese commercial ad for an popular ice cream brand, still in the late noughties, exploited that theme either by showing an alternate-world society where mainstream women's beauty standards were fat-centered instead ours then how a good-looking thin woman - the protagonist - who could use to be a strikingly neck-breaking model in our thin-obseesed reality was subject, in only a few dozen of seconds, to an overwhelming environment where anyone, from the very overweight women around to the men to most any daytime shade, continually ashame her by various means because of her socially-unfit, unattractive figure: like a satire reflecting how fat women's experience use to live in real life.
The irony has further pushed away since, in spite not displaying any upright inferiority complex about her body issues (besides some hint of jealousy when men prefers bigger women instead her) , the character done in the conclusion of this ad to console herself at late noon by eating the branded dairy product while outwatching valuingly meanwhile the picture ad of a mainstream supermodel (irl, a Plus Size model) outside her window.

I outweigh; Antonio(95) lol

any other people really into the idea of a world where obesity is normalized and encouraged?3 months

You mean a world where I could just be myself? I have had fantasies about that my whole life, from the time I was a young child, until I found out about the feeding world online and FINALLY met a feeder in real life and through this very minute! Sadly it just seems to be a world of meet ups, not long term relationships. smiley

any other people really into the idea of a world where obesity is normalized and encouraged?3 months

I agree.
I'd love to see truly fat people celebrated more in popular culture...

But there have to be some slender and athletic people left to remind everyone just how fat the real fatties are! XD
Me and my wife enjoy the fact she's the biggest woman in the room anywhere she goes! She doesn't want competition ~_______^

I'm being cheeky, but what I mean is more body diversity would be nice in pop culture and fashion. Slender, waifish supermodels, intense bodybuilder types, curvy "plus size" people...and huge blobs who look like they need help getting through some doors!

Of course there are stylistic limits.
A 400 pound woman is never going to be a Bond Girl- the movie would just become an elegant travelogue of her indulging herself in beautiful locations around the world, not, y'know, jumping from helicopters or anything that demanding.
But it would be nice to have a world where truly obese people can be seen as lovely in their own way.

The most interesting aspect of this to me is the promise of outer space. It's sheer fantasy, since terraforming Mars would actually take centuries!

But with the lower gravity, a 700 pound person would only weigh 264 pounds on Mars. A pretty manageable weight!
And a person that weighed a whole Earth ton- 2,000 pounds, would only be 754. Enough to waddle around, with effort.

With advanced medical technology for help, space dwellers could have bodies previously thought impossible on Earth!

any other people really into the idea of a world where obesity is normalized and encouraged?3 months

Surprisingly enough, I've noticed there's actually a lot of rather fat-positive TV in generally slender Japan.

My wife likes watching those uniquely Japanese human-interest variety shows that just show people's lives.
There was a big segment on how gastric bypass surgery isn't a magic cure for obesity, and can even be dangerous for you and make you less happy.

And a whole section simply devoted to life profiles of fat young women. Featuring full-on "glamour shots" of them eating giant portions of food in slow motion, with expressions of joy on their faces.

And the message wasn't even, "They're making a big mistake, and need to lose weight to improve their lives."

It was more like, "You might not understand their lifestyle, but they're very happy, and beautiful in their own unique way!"

any other people really into the idea of a world where obesity is normalized and encouraged?3 months

I'd just be happy to have a world i could be my self in love my body and it be socially acceptable world. where big people were accepted more would be nice and would cause less young people to feel bad about themselves in the end up hurting themselves. people would stop hating on me for being unique the things I'm into always end up being in later on anyways. I could wear my hair thry way in want be the size I want wear what I wantand my beliefs. I am no way near normal it makme me. Look how 50 shades has made a taboo fetish normal maybe it'll just take a good book and the movie to get people on board

any other people really into the idea of a world where obesity is normalized and encouraged?3 months

Not really the same thing, but here's a thought experiment:
In the future, whether it's by some pharmaceutical or nanotech solution, or some kind of breakthrough in nutritional science, mainstream society has completely cured obesity.

Does the fat fetish disappear after a few generations, since there's no fat people around to awaken it, or does there remain a subculture of people who purposefully withdraw from society because they are so strongly attracted to obesity, so that they can still become fat/be with a fat partner?

I guess the question I'm coming around to is, can a person know that they have a fat/feederism/gaining fetish if they've never in their lives seen an obese person?

Anyway, I think we're on a course where, in the West at least, our culture will have no choice but to become accepting of obese and morbidly obese people. There are already some municipalities in the US where that's the majority.

Like, we're gonna hit a generation at some point where, demographically, a young person *will* only be able to choose from a variety of overweight partners, and probably be overweight themselves, unless American culture changes drastically. This won't happen, because a number of extremely high revenue industries (food, various entertainment sectors) benefit directly from a sedentary and obese consumer class.

any other people really into the idea of a world where obesity is normalized and encouraged?3 months

I think it is a movement like in every fashion: The mainstream moves from one extreme side to the other.
At the moment we are on our way back to: "rubens is ok and nice", for example there are tv-shows where big people are the stars, like "this is US".
Of course it helps a lot that most of us in western countries are happy and lucky enough to have plenty of food. It`s really hard NOT to gain, and to enjoy the delicious fantastic food we can have.
And please don`t forget: WE ARE part of society, and WE CAN change some things. For example buying products from companies, which choose normal sized models for their spots. And yes: That IS progress. Maybe a long way to go, but all journeys begin with some first steps.

any other people really into the idea of a world where obesity is normalized and encouraged?2 months

No then I wouldn't be special LOL

Excellent point. You are sexy and special!
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