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fat boy humiliation1 month

It's my favorite part about gaining.

fat boy humiliation3 weeks

Being teased and shamed for being too fat, made to wear tight clothes - and then fed more as punishment is THE BEST!!!

fat boy humiliation3 weeks

It's something I really want yo experience one day. It hasnt happened to me before, nor do I actually have nuch of a reason since Im not even the slightest bit chubby, but I always think about being degraded over gaining a good 30+ pounds.

fat boy humiliation3 weeks

The thread "Fat girl humiliation" is a long one, so I'm not sure if any boys have chimed in, but I've seen enough fat girl humiliation, and I'm wondering about fat boy humiliation. Any boys out there like to be humiliated or teased about their gain?

I love being called out and humiliated for my car and weight gain. I wish I had been this fat and felt this way in school, It would have been heaven!

Please don't hesitate to contact me and tell me what you think.

fat boy humiliation2 weeks

I love it! Something about being reminded at how fat and out of control my gluttony is is arousing and just makes me want to keep growing for others.
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