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fat boy humiliation1 month

I pinch and rub my husband's belly constantly. It's so cute how he still reflexively sucks it in - as if he'd ever have a prayer of hiding that gut. The other day he tried to sit upright from a lying down position. I teased him mercilessly while watching him struggle. Pure bliss.[/quote. Just keep him full and happy smiley ]

fat boy humiliation2 weeks

I totally love being humiliated for my weight. I regulary cause situations where I am fat shamed. For example, in a night club, my clothes are too tight, my fat is showed off in a disadvantageous way, and I smile to a hot young woman with a perfect, slim body. I can be very turned on by her reaction (and its of her friends.)

It is incredible for example when people I knew years ago see me again and I gained a lot of weight during this time. I imagine how they are shocked, and some make comments.

In 2005/2006, I still wasn't very fat and one time I lost weight. Then, someone told me: "That's good for you that you lost weight, because it was not very beautiful." So I knew what he thought about me when I was fatter. Then, I gained all the weight again and even more. Ups...

fat boy humiliation2 weeks

Humiliation is my favorite. I love it when my feeder calls me names and reminds me what a fat, greedy, slut I am. I love going out to eat and wearing my tightest clothes that show off how fat my body is. I love wearing a tight top and bra that really accentuates my freakishly huge boobs. I love looking like a fat pig. I like it when my feeder tells me how fat I have been getting and how uncontrollably I have been eating while I binge. I love it when women pretend to be or actually are disgusted at my gluttony. At my favorite donut shops and Chinese restaraunt, the people all know I am gaining weight and I tell them how fat I have been getting. One woman at a local restaurant calls me "Fat Pig" so that makes me very happy and turned on.
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