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out of breath (detail)1 month

the loss of fitness has been a turn on for me too. between smoking and my weight gain, im really enjoying it all!

out of breath (detail)1 month


out of breath (detail)1 month

My wife is actually pretty active and in shape for her weight, but as she gets bigger she's stopped using stairs whenever she can.
Why not wait for the elevator, she's not in a hurry!

She needs to hold my hand on the stairs, and going down is actually worse than up, because her body is so big she can't see her feet.

Her cardio is great, but at her size there's just so much of her to carry around she's always panting a little. Not that she cares, it's a minor inconvenience and she loves being big.

out of breath (detail)1 month

It sound so familiar. Going uphill or doing the stairs is very hard for me. It takes all my energy away and I have to take a break every 4 steps. I remember the day I went to Rome in Italy. Going uphill. Everyone was waiting for me on top for almost 2 hours. But I did it. No need to tell you how I felt when I arrived. Even a 90 year old was faster than me. Now I just take a taxi.

out of breath (detail)3 weeks

There's a flight of stairs near me that my friends and I often have to use to go up/down. I used to kind of smirk to myself when my "out of shape" friends would be exhausted/breathing heavy at the top of it. Last time I went up it (last week), I barely made it and was gasping for the next 10 minutes or so as I tried to catch my breath. I guess I'm the out of shape one now, haha.

out of breath (detail)2 weeks

When we started dating, she and I used to go hiking together. Wow, those were different times!

Now the only way she could possibly get up a mountain is with a bus or a lift!

It really doesn't bother her- that was then, this is now.
Besides, the mosquitoes have strangely started attacking her more often now that she's gained so much weight...
Best to stay out of the woods, fat girl!

out of breath (detail)1 week

I am almost 300lbs at 5'3 and I'm very used to being retraced and wheezing at this point. Its a high weight for me. Even on the phone if I'm pacing around I get out of breath and sound like I have sprinted.
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