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fantasies intensifying? is it normal?4 months

It's very natural and the desires can grow even stronger if you adjust to changes better than expected. Sometimes running into someone who can truly light a fire, can make it hard to think straight.

fantasies intensifying? is it normal?4 months

Same here, but from the other side. (FA)

My preferences did intensify over time, but not about my body. I can still get attracted to thinner women, and I was always being able to be attracted to women somewhat bigger than what I found ideal, but both my ideal and the upper limit of desirability slowly increased over time.

Long ago, my ideal was a normal-ish, slightly chubby build, and I remember a photo of a "woah, she's really fat, but I still like her" girl, forming the upper limit of my desirability back then. Looking at her photo now, she doesn't seem really large at all.

As my "preferences" intensified very slowly but surely over time, I now got to the point of looking at a blob of a woman, waddling heavily, her wide hips blocking the way, her belly not just bouncing but swaying around, one half of her butt wider than a regular person, and I can still think that just a little more weight would look good on her.

fantasies intensifying? is it normal?4 months

Ive gained maybe 10lbs since semi intentionally gaining, with the fantasy of being on the chubby side, about 200 lbs or so. Lately however, I've been having intense fantasies about getting even bigger; 250 and 300 were rare but exciting thoughts that came up to me before but recently the norm levels of fantasies have been of myself being fattened beyond 400-500lbs, at times even immobilization sounds like something I want.

Has anyone else had changes in their own fantasization of their body? Bigger, smaller? Maybe even straight up switching? Bringing that up as someone who started off as a feeder, then mutual gainer, now mostly feedee.

My fantasies have become more intense as I have gotten older. I have been putting on weight and enjoying the results.
When I was younger I was attracted to pregnant bellies. Now I'm more attracted to overweight women/girls with large bellies and bottom/booties.

fantasies intensifying? is it normal?4 months

A big part of fantasies increasing comes from being on this site. I had powerful sexual fantasies about fat from an early age, then forgot about it for years, then remembered it a few days ago when someone else's post reminded me. I have fantasized about immobility, either being immobile (not really practical) or finding someone else with those goals who I can encourage.

fantasies intensifying? is it normal?4 months

Bella Grande:
A big part of fantasies increasing comes from being on this site.

Definitely. This site has normalised obesity so much that someone needs to be carrying 400 pounds before they even register as fat to me.

fantasies intensifying? is it normal?4 months

I used to want to be in a ltr with a guy who weighed 300 lbs; now I prefer large SSBHMs and want my bf/feedee to get up to 650.

fantasies intensifying? is it normal?4 months

Being in love with someone who's happy to be fat really intensifies things. Stuff that seems inconvenient and a chore becomes enjoyable, when it's for someone you really want to make happy.

Of course I'll go out to get ice cream in the middle of the night, you must be hungry!
Let's wait for the elevator, there's no reason for you to take those stairs!
I'll ask for a seat belt extender, your belly needs to be comfortable.
After eating so much, you must be tired! Go ahead and take a nap on the floor, I'll clean up after you.

When you start living together with a fat person you love, stuff that would seem inconvenient or extreme really doesn't bother you at all.

fantasies intensifying? is it normal?4 months

And living with me has really changed her attitude too!
When we fell in love, she was already big and confident in her body, but uncomfortable with the idea of being really fat. Now she enjoys gaining weight, and wants to get as big as she practically can. Her relationship to her fat body has definitely intensified. Actual moments:

HER THEN: "No, I'm not fat, I'm just really curvy! Why would you say something like that to me?!"

HER NOW: "Honey...I'm so obese I can't stop eating. I'm pregnant with food. Uggh...I think I ate too much again...
Hey, do we have any ice cream left?"

fantasies intensifying? is it normal?4 months

As I have gained weight, my fantasies and desires have grown as well. I hit a high of 305 a few years ago, up from 175 ten years before that. The more I gained it seemed the more I fantasized about being huge. I am now around 285 and for health and mobility reasons I really need to stay there although the urge to grow fatter is sometimes almost overwhelming. Being a member of sites like this one only fuels my desire. My ultimate fantasy would be to eat my way up to 400 lbs.

I also have found my taste in fat women has expanded as well. Initially I was interested in chubby women, then fatter women up to about 250 lbs. While they are still appealing, what really floats my boat now are attractive women in the 300 to 500 lb. range. Seeing a woman overindulge and give in to the pleasures of gluttony is such a turn on. If I were in a relationship with a mutual gainer who loves huge men, I know I would have no will power and get as fat as she desired, taking me to 400 lbs. and beyond.

fantasies intensifying? is it normal?4 months

Yes....this seems to be a common theme.

When I first new I liked chubbier girls when I was younger I thought girls with some meat on their bones was so much more appealing aesthetically. I also discovered I liked seeing girls gain weight fairly early. I can still remember probably 7 grade when a couple of the prettiest 8th grade girls came back from summer having gained weight. All the guy's were talking as if they got Fat and were not even as hit anymore....and I thought the total opposite that they became so much hotter gaining probably what was 20+ Lbs. but they looked so much prettier to me. From that point every 2-3 years plus I seemed to like more and more weight on the girls/women I desired. By college I actually dated a couple young women who I thought were Fat at the time or at least by all my friends standards were Fat. The type that my friends would say "she is so hot if she only lost 25-35 Lbs. when I actually seemed to crave more weight on them.....both of these girls had goo appetites....actually a little bit of a food addiction now looking back and that was not only sexy to me to watch how much they loved eating but how much food they could consume. Both women were fairly short at 5' 2" and 5' 4" and both were probably around 190-210 Lbs. max.

Today I find myself desiring 300+ even on a shorter woman.....where as a long time ago 150 Lbs. would have seemed Fat on a 5' 3" woman. So yea this extra fat on women has certainly increased over time. I also think the normalization of this site and others alike make the bigger size and higher weights seem really normal....and this even carries over in everyday there seems to be a lot more younger women that are a lot fatter or heavier these days that carry themselves in a confident and attractive way.....they way they dress and flaunt there's almost like being heavier may become the ideal again in many years....wishful thinking.....possibly?
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