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my man wants me to be a feedee4 months

If you're already over 200lbs and only 5' 3", you may as well gain a little more. It's not like you're thin, so it's probably easy to gain a bit more and keep your man happy. I'm not saying get to 300 of you don't want, but gaining 10lbs at your weight isn't a big deal.

my man wants me to be a feedee4 months

This kind of situation is a bummer.... Just the other day, I stumbled across some video blogging by one of the ladies who used to be real active in the BBW community. She was talking about all the negativity and even harassment she received from the same group she thought supported her, when she went from gaining weight to deciding to lose some of it for health reasons.

There are a lot of people into BBW/SSBBWs and weight-gain who haven't really tempered their fetish turn-ons with reality; you can't just keep gaining weight indefinitely. And except for a very small minority, most people don't consider compromising their own health or mobility an acceptable lifestyle choice.

Sometimes I think my own interests are a "minority of a minority", because I'm really into big/heavy women who are also pretty muscular and solid. I'm totally into the BBW or SSBBW types who want to work out. Muscle is more dense than fat so you can lift weights and have more energy, feel better, get healthier, and possibly even go down a clothing size or two while still gaining a bit of weight on the scale. It takes work, and I guess many people in the BBW community embrace their laziness -- so it's just not for everyone.

But I'd say it's also about how one views exercise/going to the gym/working out. If you're just trying to "burn fat" and lose pounds -- you're probably just caught on a roller coaster. As soon as you take a break, you start erasing the progress you made. And someone else who starves themselves for a while can show the same results you got, without doing any of the exercise.

If you set strength/muscle building goals, you have something to show for your work. And I find it super sexy when a woman can show off how much she's able to lift, humbling some of the guys who are so sure they're automatically stronger.

it�s been good for 3+ years. I don�t mind losing and gaining and I love turning him on. Lately I just get frustrated when he�s never satisfied with how much I�ve eaten and doesn�t want me to lose. And he gets pouty if I work out.
Are you ever turned on without food? Is this an all or nothing type thing? I want to be turned on by it but i haven�t been able to yet.
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