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restaurant seats3 weeks

So heading out to lunch with the guys from the office and not my turn to choose the restaurant, I google it to look at the seats and yup! They look like they are nade from matchsticks. Does anyone else get anxious about seats imploding when you going out?

restaurant seats2 weeks

I always worry about that. My mom who isn't that big and never been at or over 200lbs always wants to go out to eat. Somehow she forgets that I'm very big and thinks those toy chairs will hold me and that I can fit in a booth. Sometime she will try to insist that I TRY to squeeze into a booth anyway. O honestly think she would like to humiliate me in public...more than usual. smiley

restaurant seats2 weeks

Yup, my friends do the same, chairs that either look like they will implode or vanish up my ass. I usually google the place to scope out seating to avoid ass accidents smiley