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getting a belly rub3 months

I would love for someone to rub my belly. Heck..My whole body! Lol
I would be happy to give you all the belly rubs you want

getting a belly rub2 months

I'm fussy hehe! The top part I like rubbed in circles, it's really tingly and lovely. Heaven. Then if I'm touched at the bottom of my tummy it's sexy aswell as lovely and a turn on. When my tummy is rubbed for a long time it makes the hairs on my neck all stand up and my head all funny and heavy like all blissful and turned on. It's really weird right??

getting a belly rub2 months

Having mybelly rubbed gets me hot and bothered. Though my gf goes both ways, depends on how tired she was before hand. If she is the least bit sleepy a belly rub will knock her right out. If she has just eaten a fair amount of food its a 95% guaranty she will crash the minute i start to rub. However if she is wide awake then a full belly rub means she is going to ask for more then just her tummy rubbed
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