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need help gaining.4 months

Try adding more fat into your diet. Nuts are a good source of fat. I'd recommend peanuts, because they are by far the cheapest. I gained 13lbs in a few months by just adding some peanuts into noodles.

need help gaining.4 months

Coconut and grapeseed oils are wonderful as they have no (real) taste to them smiley Flax seed has a bit of a nutty taste to it. all three have pro's and con's based on their fats and how they break down.

1 TBSP of any one of them has 120 calories. and 14grams of fat smiley

So you can grab your blender some fruit, maybe soy milk or something or soy ice cream just for something liquidy i suppose and throw some oil in and make a.... fairly.... healthy fat shake smiley

need help gaining.3 months

I'm excited to try the shake idea with coconut oil!